6 Instagram kid models you're going to love

6 Instagram kid models you’re going to love

Instagram is a great place to spot out fashion trends and keep up to date with what’s out there in both adults and kids fashion. So many kids have their own fashion Instagram accounts from a young age to build their brand and portfolio up.

celebs look gorgeous with their baby bumps

Gorgeous celebs and their baby bumps

These celebs look gorgeous with their baby bumps

For some people being pregnant gives them a healthy glow and really brings out their beauty, for others of us we just look like a sweaty mess. Fortunately a lot of pregnant celebs are lucky enough to look stunning during pregnancy.

Boys Flat Cap

If the Cap fits, wear it fashionably

You never go wrong when you go strong. And,what’s more that a stronger style in boys fashion than a flat cap.  We love this look so much, we thought we’d surf around and give you some of our favourite ways for boys to wear a flat cap, Share the looks, cope the looks, or just plain admire the gorgeous little boys below.Have a look at what we’ve chosen.

Brit Fashion Image source: Pinterest
Boys Flat Cap




















The newsboy look Image source: Pinterest
Boys Flat Cap























Tartan look Image source: Pinterest
Boys Flat Cap

















Adorable ringbearer Image source: Pinterest
Boys Flat Cap

Winter Glam


Autumn Winter 2014 we see you coming and we are ready for you! If you looking forward to all things Wintery, Halloween, Christmas parties, ice skating, visiting Santa’s grotto, meals round the fireplace then get ideas from these three stylish wooly ideas for girls.

Image source: weheartit.com
Can't go wrong in a chunky knit This beautiful Princess was captured singing on a step by weheartit.com.
Her chunky hooded knit may just have won her modelling contract. Can’t blame her for pulling that Angel face. You go Princess!
















Image source: pinsta.me

Blue and Bohemian
Fashion Kids know exactly what is hot when they featured this Bohemian princess on their Instagram account. She probably feels as cool as she looks in this indigo blue oversized pullover. She went for turned up denim jeans and blue hair bow to put the zing to her style. Easy brezzy!









Image source: Fashion Kids
Winter Glam Go Winter glam in a sophisticated cardigan. Chances are your little girl likes to get dressed up real chic. Go get a slim belt for a three-quarter length cardi. Put your Princess in some black leggings to vamp it up and you’ve got the perfect swanky Autumn Winter look, in the bag.

Give up. A bit of lippy never hurt

Give up. A bit of lippy never hurt

What do you do when you have the most girliest of girls for a daughter? Well, when you finally realise you’re not going to win the war over her bringing out toys to use as stepping ladders to reach your makeup bag on the top shelf of a locked cupboard – and sometimes, well maybe many a time, you will just leave the bag out on the dressing table and the inevitable will happen. Eventually you give up.

Vee is 4 and in love with makeup. Nearly all little girls have been there. You are either the muddled kind who who tries and fails at ‘Coco the Clown look, then leaves a messy trial to quickly show Mum. Or you actually, even at 3 years old, you’re naturally gifted and don’t look half bad. Below is Vee. First thing in the morning.

Give up. A bit of lippy never hurt

Most times it’s better to indulge their obsessions. We avoid the yelps, cries and tantrums. But more importantly it’s usually a tale tell sign of what they’ll be when they grow up. Vee will probably be a full on made up face daily, perfumed, high heeled young lady. She loves dresses and pretty shoes, perfume and everything else to goes with it. Whilst, there are still, albeit an exceedingly small number of us, for whom a good pair of black stilettos to fit all dress styles will do.

Letting kids wear a little bit of lipstick or nail varnish, or perhaps their spiderman outfits to the shops is all about allowing them to learn to love being themselves. Supposedly the hope is your child turns out to be someone confident in who they are, creative in their outlook on life. Creative, in that they think outside the box quite simply. All you as a parent needs to do is provide gentle guidance and support.

May all our children grow up to be something more wonderful than we could have imagined.

X Kickers Kick Lazy Brogue,

Why we love Kickers


You either love them or hate them. We’ve found Vee and Jade hate them for the most part and then start loving them or maybe have just come to terms with the fact they haven’t got an option. Either way we have made them a staple part of their uniform. simply because they look and last more than a couple of months. Plain black ones for Jade who wears a school uniform. And two pairs of flowery pretty white Kickers for Vee.

When was the first time you started wearing Kickers ♥ ♥

X Kickers Kick Lazy Brogue,
Image source: LazyOaf Pinterest

Why we love Kickers



Why we love Kickers

6 Trendy Basics for nursery kids


5 Trendy Basics for nursery kids

Kids are much more style conscious nowadays. They have their own style and are not afraid to look unique even at a young age. The younger generation are smart and they raise the standard when deciding how they dress. They have positive self images and want the clothes to match, even if it’s just to go to nursery.

A nursery kids trendy basics guide

Here’s what they’ll need

      A couple of pairs of skinny jeans for girls or slim fitting ones for boys. Jeans not only stand up to rough play you can trust your child will look presentable. Added bonus, skinny jeans are still in.
      A statement t-shirt. Go beyond the usual cartoon characters. Think quirky quotes and images, bright colours and sewn on accessories like flowers and buttons.
      Jumpers are a must for the colder days. Spend a bit of money on one or two good quality ones. They’l last longer and your kids will look good wearing them. They spend a lot of time at school so you’ll get your money’s worth too.
      A few plain t-shirts. These will go with everything but the great thing is, since they are plain they won’t look so worn after a few washes
      Don’t forget her tutu. Reserve at least one of your girl’s favourite tutus for wearing to nursery. Not only will she enjoy showing off, she’ll feel extra special on her tutu wearing days
      And finally a good jacket. Here you can take your pick. Parkas, puffas, macs, leathers and bomber jackets are all popular styles. But rather than go for a style that you like, go for one that they’ll look swanky in too.
Ralph Lauren Fall 14 Children's Fashion Show In Support Of Literacy


Can you say Cute? Turning heads on the runway earlier this week and having everyone smitten, the applause went to none other than Alicia Keys’s young man, Egypt. His debut for Ralph Lauren Fall 2014 Children’s Fashion Show In Support Of Literacy was cheerled by his delighted Mum cheerled from the front row.

Wearing tarten trousers, a beautiful puppy motif sweater and a tweed blazer, Egypt took center stage.

Ralph Lauren Fall 14 Children's Fashion Show In Support Of LiteracyRalph Lauren Fall 14 Children's Fashion Show In Support Of LiteracyRalph Lauren Fall 14 Children's Fashion Show In Support Of LiteracyRalph Lauren Fall 14 Children's Fashion Show In Support Of LiteracyRalph Lauren Fall 14 Children's Fashion Show In Support Of Literacy

Images source: dailymail.co.uk, globalgrind.com, theybf.com