Are you dumb or smart?

Are you dumb or smart mum?”

“What’s the silly joke Jayden?” I’m getting ready and not really in the mood.

So sweet and innocent he replies, to my obviously irritated retort. “Well if I ask you, are you dumb or smart, and you say smart, I say – do you believe in Christmas? For a split second I decipher whether DUMB is an acronym for something Christmassy.

It’s not.

“If you say no, I say you’re smart. Which is true because Father Christmas isn’t real!” He’s smiling.

Me – “Oh yeh Jayden don’t forget to put your letter to Santa in an envelope so I can post it today!” I continue to put on my makeup yet I am actually surprised at my craftiness.

A look of realisation spreads across his face.

“Oh yeh, where’s the letter mum?” More sweetness and innocence as he goes off to look for it. I love these kids.

“So exactly how does the postman get the letter to Father Christmas?”

“I’ve no idea.”

“I know Mum. It’s an elf who pretends to look like a real person…..”

Oh the sweet age of innocence.

Are you dumb or smart


“We’re having a Family Meeting!” That’s what Femi says whilst we’re all flapping around in the kitchen.

How can a husband, for the very first time and out of the blue, announce that we are having a family meeting without expecting that you will immediately enter panic mode and demand to be told everything is alright so you can sit rest assured without every face muscle you’ve dreamt will remain youthful falling as south as it can go.

Everyone wants perfectly behaved kids. At the same time we know this will never happen.

We're having a family meeting

Vee has allowed her curiosity to get the better of her on my mobile. Sometimes I forget to turn the parental controls back on after checking a few things, and Victoria gets to access YouTube. It wouldn’t have been such a problem if Siri didn’t exist. But, yes she has figured she can use the thing to search for anything that takes her fancy. Needless to say, she’s discovered some unsavoury videos. Parental controls now stay on permanently, even though I literally can’t access one website on anything vaguely normal .

Mr Jade, on the other hand, had declared in a discussion that he did not need to do his homework with excellence.

Having mentioned both incidents to Femi and asking him to talk to them – I had no idea that he didn’t realise I wanted him to have a personal one on one talk with each of them, He calls the puzzling ‘Family Meeting’, in the living room.

Victoria’s sitting besides me on the sofa and shuffling up as close as she possibly can. It’s at moments like this, when they’re feeling vulnerable and despite the days you have the disagreements, and their tiny voices are crying “You’re not my friend anymore,” you suddenly realise how much they really do need you.

“We’ll be doing these a lot more!” Femi says after all the fatherly advice.

Time will tell, but I think this is the start of a good thing. Kids remember so much of the stuff we talk to them about. When they are young, and haven’t quite made up their mind on the world, they tend to take what you say as gospel.


7 full months of slogging it out and still hoping and wishing for the dream to materialise can take it’s toll. You try your level best at everything and things don’t happen as fast as you imagined. And, if you let it, times like this can make you want to give up. But what’s the point in that. What’s the point of going halfway and then starting something else from the beginning. You’ve got to see it through to the hopefully sweet end. So you can say, I have no regrets.

7 months in business

VeeandJade is coming to the end of its 7 month in online business, providing the FASHION THEY WANT™. It actually makes me smile as I type our tagline in that last statement. The Fashion they Want™. The very reason we are in business. To children’s clothes to those really stylish, “have their own minds” children. I smile, broadly, again. Having a purpose and a vision makes it all worth it. And I really hope that we can do what we set out to achieve. 🙂

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Even though sales have not taken off as we would have liked, there have been several wins. The VeeandJade Love Fridays Giveaway, is coming up trumps. So exciting to see people liking and commenting on posts to win some children’s clothes. Even more exciting when we get to package the prize up and send it off to the lucky winner. Our hope is of course that the package is what the recipient really wanted 🙂 Loads of you are starting to like us on Twitter. And, Facebook has been amazing. We’re absolutely loving it. We’ve managed to connect with parents of some truly stylish boys and girls. It’s can be a challenge standing out as a new business with fierce competition where there’s so much good clothing out there but we believe there’s always possibilities we can all achieve. We’ve learnt time and time over, each time you fal there’s  only one thing to do. Pick yourself up and learn from the mistake. But never give up.

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As our business grows, our dream is to stock the most stylish of designs from the most “out there” designers. We can’t wait! We already exclusive designs from Boboli. Bóboli_080BCN-(2)We’ve been looking at Oilily closely. We love this brand and then there are some beautiful boutique designers such as Patachou, Lilly + Sid, Miller and Hucklebones. What a honour it would be to be eventually stock these brands and others like them.

The children that buy from love fashion.

Break a fashion rule

It’s an expression of who they are. They are discovering the people they will be. They will be people who stand out in life.

Listen guys we need you. So if there are any brands that you want us to take a look at, especially the really trendy styles your children love,  let us know in the comments. And say a little prayer for us too.

Blood, Sweat and Being Told Off

Blood, Sweat and Being Told Off

It was hard work to get this site up and running. The planning, buying decisions, branding, marketing and all those things that make a good business work, took a lot of energy.

There was blood, sweat and me telling Femi off for one thing or another. But we DID IT. The new site was launched on 2nd December 2013. We’ve had lovely responses and great support from our friends and family. We are not where we want to be, but at least we started.

Now it gets even HARDER  and our Hope is in GOOD FORTUNE!!

PIC: Bess and Femi Obarotimi CEO’s of