6 Trendy Basics for nursery kids


5 Trendy Basics for nursery kids

Kids are much more style conscious nowadays. They have their own style and are not afraid to look unique even at a young age. The younger generation are smart and they raise the standard when deciding how they dress. They have positive self images and want the clothes to match, even if it’s just to go to nursery.

A nursery kids trendy basics guide

Here’s what they’ll need

      A couple of pairs of skinny jeans for girls or slim fitting ones for boys. Jeans not only stand up to rough play you can trust your child will look presentable. Added bonus, skinny jeans are still in.
      A statement t-shirt. Go beyond the usual cartoon characters. Think quirky quotes and images, bright colours and sewn on accessories like flowers and buttons.
      Jumpers are a must for the colder days. Spend a bit of money on one or two good quality ones. They’l last longer and your kids will look good wearing them. They spend a lot of time at school so you’ll get your money’s worth too.
      A few plain t-shirts. These will go with everything but the great thing is, since they are plain they won’t look so worn after a few washes
      Don’t forget her tutu. Reserve at least one of your girl’s favourite tutus for wearing to nursery. Not only will she enjoy showing off, she’ll feel extra special on her tutu wearing days
      And finally a good jacket. Here you can take your pick. Parkas, puffas, macs, leathers and bomber jackets are all popular styles. But rather than go for a style that you like, go for one that they’ll look swanky in too.