Are you dumb or smart?

Are you dumb or smart mum?”

“What’s the silly joke Jayden?” I’m getting ready and not really in the mood.

So sweet and innocent he replies, to my obviously irritated retort. “Well if I ask you, are you dumb or smart, and you say smart, I say – do you believe in Christmas? For a split second I decipher whether DUMB is an acronym for something Christmassy.

It’s not.

“If you say no, I say you’re smart. Which is true because Father Christmas isn’t real!” He’s smiling.

Me – “Oh yeh Jayden don’t forget to put your letter to Santa in an envelope so I can post it today!” I continue to put on my makeup yet I am actually surprised at my craftiness.

A look of realisation spreads across his face.

“Oh yeh, where’s the letter mum?” More sweetness and innocence as he goes off to look for it. I love these kids.

“So exactly how does the postman get the letter to Father Christmas?”

“I’ve no idea.”

“I know Mum. It’s an elf who pretends to look like a real person…..”

Oh the sweet age of innocence.

Are you dumb or smart