Give up. A bit of lippy never hurt

What do you do when you have the most girliest of girls for a daughter? Well, when you finally realise you’re not going to win the war over¬†her bringing out toys to use as stepping ladders to reach your makeup bag on the top shelf of a locked cupboard – and sometimes, well maybe many a time, you will just leave the bag out on the dressing table and the inevitable will happen.¬†Eventually you give up.

Vee is 4 and in love with makeup. Nearly all little girls have been there. You are either the muddled kind who who tries and fails at ‘Coco the Clown look, then leaves a messy trial to quickly show Mum. Or you actually, even at 3 years old, you’re naturally gifted and don’t look half bad. Below is Vee. First thing in the morning.

Give up. A bit of lippy never hurt

Most times it’s better to indulge their obsessions. We avoid the yelps, cries and tantrums. But more importantly it’s usually a tale tell sign of what they’ll be when they grow up. Vee will probably be a full on made up face daily, perfumed, high heeled young lady. She loves dresses and pretty shoes, perfume and everything else to goes with it. Whilst, there are still, albeit an exceedingly small number of us, for whom a good pair of black stilettos to fit all dress styles will do.

Letting kids wear a little bit of lipstick or nail varnish, or perhaps their spiderman outfits to the shops is all about allowing them to learn to love being themselves. Supposedly the hope is your child turns out to be someone confident in who they are, creative in their outlook on life. Creative, in that they think outside the box quite simply. All you as a parent needs to do is provide gentle guidance and support.

May all our children grow up to be something more wonderful than we could have imagined.

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