Instagram is a great place to spot out fashion trends and keep up to date with what’s out there in both adults and kids fashion. So many kids have their own fashion Instagram accounts from a young age to build their brand and portfolio up.

Pochi_pochito Pochi_pochito Pochi_pochito__ is already a star in the making with his effortless style in everything he wears and his cheeky smile apparent in all his photos. Opting for shades throughout a lot of his photos he has the look of a fashion star already. Txunamy Txunamy is already a fully fledged kid rock and roll diva already with her perfect model pose to accompany her pretty looks. Decked in shades, a slogan tshirt, skinny jeans, leopard pumps and a checked shirt, all accompanied with a beautiful bag she’s already more fashionable than most of us will ever be. Source:Instagram Txunamy Sil_fash Sil_fash calls Amsterdam, Netherlands her home alongside her parents and siblings. As a kid fashion star it’s only right that a lot of her outfits match those of her siblings as the family breeds fashionable kids. It isn’t just her great style Tiger has beautiful hair to match her outfits. Sil_fash Kidsstyle Kidsstyle bring us the traditional classic style of kids fashion with the young girl wearing a lovely rolled sleeve grey jumper complete with cute black shoulder bows. She’s already nailed the engaging model stare. Kidsstyle mangokids Mangokids bring us one of the most fashionable young kids with the most perfect mini afro we have seen. Wearing a slogan salmon coloured t-shirt and sporting large black dark rimmed glasses his dreamy stare just past the camera has potential model written all over it. Mangokids Dreaming_always Dreaming_always show us some street style which has us all dreaming of owning a cute mint two piece. With elbow length sleeves and shorts coupled with a touch of navy on the collar and in the shoes we’re jealous of this young beauties style. Dreaming_always

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